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Let's Talk Seniors!

Your senior photography doesn't need to be same as every other photographer! If you are looking for senior portraits that will capture everything uniquely YOU in a jaw-dropping, magazine-worthy way, then you are in the right place.

Gone are the times of the "turn your head and smile, non-edited photos". I approach each and every senior client with the goal of getting to know you - your likes and dislikes, your style, your interests and so on. This allows me to create images that make you feel like you've stepped off the pages of a magazine while staying true to your unique personality. I capture in a dramatic and vibrant style that really allows your senior photos to stand out from others in your school! 

If you are looking for an Orlando Senior photography, or a Green Bay senior photographer then you're at the right spot!   ALL Josh Russell senior clients get a "sneak peek" from their session within 24 Hours of the session! Scroll down to see some of my favorite photos, let's get yours on there too!  

I hope that you will find all of the information you need on this page, but don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions that I can answer for you! 

- Josh

How does a senior session work?

Before the Session

Prior to your senior photography session, there are a few things that need to be done! 

Yearbook deadlines – If your school is creating a yearbook, find out when they need your digital photo file. This will help you plan ahead. We will also need to know this deadline as well so I can make sure you get your yearbook photo in time for you to submit it to the high school. 


The location – The location of your senior session should fit in with your personality and the story you want to tell. Picture yourself doing what you love – where would that usually be? There are always lots of great location ideas to choose from and if you need suggestions I'd be happy to help out.  We’ll talk this over and customize a session that fits you and your style during our pre-shoot consult.

Schedule in advance – You may need to schedule it a few months early to avoid missing out and meet the yearbook deadlines.

Outfit Options – Your outfit should  represent who you are and fit in with the location you’ve chosen. Just make sure your outfit isn’t too distracting or it will end up being the focus of your photos. We love natural soft colors and dresses or light jeans. Remember to plan a few outfits, I often say, one semi-formal/dressy and a couple "normal" everyday outfits that match your style. Please try to shy away from any clothing with large logos or distracting designs. We want the focus on you, not your favorite band! 

Hair and makeup arrangements – Hair and makeup should be booked as soon as you book your photography session! Salons and stylists often book out pretty far when It comes to professional styling. Decide on your final look and whether or not you want to do your own hair and makeup.  Having your hair done helps it hold up during your session so consider this treat.

Pre-shoot Consult: ​Once you have booked us, we will set up an hour zoom meeting to discuss your senior photography session. This is where we will go over things like, time, locations, themes or props, and any other detail that we need to talk about. 

During the Session

Set aside a minimum of 2 hours – The average senior photo session takes 1 to 2 hours, so take a few hours out of your day. This should include time to get ready and any travel time between locations.

Meeting up – On the day of your session, you will meet me at your location at a specific time. We will spend a few minutes going over the gameplan. This also gives us time to get comfortable with each other so we can have some fun and capture those natural laughs and smiles! 

Prepare to change outfits – If you bring multiple outfits, which we suggest you do, please remember you need a place to change. Most parks have public bathrooms but I've seen them locked sometimes. My suggestion is if you are wearing a dress, start with that outfit, then it's easier to slip pants or jeans. 

Bring some company – Having a friend come along can help you feel more at ease and bring out some of your best smiles. Feel free to have them tag along with your parent. Due to to the session being with someone being under 18 years of age, we require at least one parent to be on location at all times. The parent does not need to stay next to us but do need to be present on the same property. We also may put them to work so be prepared friends and parents!

After the Session

Sneak peeks –  Within 24 hours of your session, you'll start seeing your photos on my Facebook and instagram. Also a highlight video on TikTok. You're welcome to share these and show off your senior photography session! 

The wait – It typically takes 2-3 weeks for me to complete your images, so you will need to be patient.  I will hurry though, as I’m excited to share them with you! When the photos are done, we will contact you to reveal your photos as well as chat about printing options. 

The meeting– After your photos are ready we will get together and this is where we decide which photos you want to purchase! We offer many different print packages available and you can mix and match which photos you want!  

Share and enjoy – Once you receive your photos, you can share the social media versions of your selections. 

Pricing and Contact.

Senior Photography sessions start at $250 with the average family spending about $1500 total after prints and other add-ons. 

There is a $100 retainer fee to book your senior session. The remaining amount for your session is due the day of. Any additional fees from prints or add-ons will be due at the time of ordering. 

No travel fees within 40 miles of Green Bay Wisconsin or Orlando Florida. Anything outside of this area will inquire an additional travel fee that will be discuss prior to booking. 

Let's get started.
Send me a message and let's set up a time to chat about your senior photography session.

Thanks! I'll be in touch soon!

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