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About Josh


Josh Russell is an award winning photographer who has dedicated his life to his passion for photography.  His love for photography grew from his previous music career and how he wanted to be completely self made, so he taught himself the photography basics and graphic design

From a very early point in Josh's career, he was determined that he didn't want to be known or classified for a single type of photography.  With that goal in mind Josh started shooting weddings while simultaneously building his portfolio in landscapes, and portrait/headshots.

Over the past 10 years Josh has shot over 200 weddings, helped companies grow their online presence through advertising, and photographed some of the best sports figures and musicians in the industry

As Josh's career grew he was given even more opportunities to stretch his creative juices and expanded his work to take on assignments in commercial and advertising photography.  

Josh also prides himself in helping others learn what he has learned over the years. He teaches classes, 1 on 1 sessions and workshops helping other grow their passion for photography into a career!

Josh is known best for his Youtube Channel where he shares his photography adventures, knowledge, and advice with all aspiring photographers as well as reviews of some of the best and worst products in the photography field.


Josh is a Worldwide Ambassador for Bound by Blood Clothing, an Affiliate with Amazon, Audible, Adobe, and Hometown Hoodies.

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