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Headshots by Josh Russell




Josh offers both headshot and portrait sessions, both are unique and require the right amount of attention. Headshots are taken from the chest area up and portrait sessions can be from head to toe and anything in between. All portrait sessions will also include a headshot, so please remember when trying to decide which session you need!

Below you can see the rate information for both headshots and portrait session. If you are ready to schedule your session click the button and let's get to work!



Group Rates available upon request.

Headshot sessions typically last around 60 minutes, portrait sessions usually last around 90 minutes. The above mentioned pricing is the session fee only and includes one final image. Additional image release are available for an additional fee. Session fee includes all retouching on the selected image. Price is PER PERSON. Professional makeup and hair stylists are available for an additional fee. Adding hair and makeup will also lengthen the total session time.



After each shoot, the untouched photos are hosted online within 72hrs for the client to review and select for retouching.

The final retouched images may take up to three weeks to be completed and delivered via download.


PLEASE NOTE: The rates listed above are for non-commercial shoots only. Please use the contact form to request a quote for special projects requiring commercial image licensing. Rates are subject to change and do not include travel expenses for shoots outside of northeast Wisconsin. All retainers are non-refundable and can be made in the form of cash or credit card via Square, Venmo or Cashapp. The remaining balance must be paid upon arrival to the shoot. A model release must be signed upon arrival or prior to the shoot. Models under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present at all times.


Business Headshots

for the individual and executive 

Your first impression starts long before you are face to face.

A great headshot can help you promote you to a new client, customer or business connection. Stand out from the crowd with a headshot that shows your professional side.


Actor/Musician Portraits

for the entertainment industry

Josh understands the industry, because he was in it! 

Focusing on capturing your headshot to tell your story. These are often a more dramatic style of portraits.


Evironmental Portraits

on location in your business 

Want to show off your team while highlighting your office as well? 

Environmental portraits are taken at your place of business and encompass the theme of your surroundings to capture your team.


Tips to Obtaining the Best Headshot:

* Solid, vibrant, and middle tone colors.

* The clothing should be simple; no stripes or patterns.

*Dark long sleeves produce the best dramatic headshot.

* Textures can work but no patterns. Do not wear stripes or any other patterns.

* If you have blue eyes a blue shirt will bring out the color of your eyes, green eyes a green shirt, etc.


*For corporate/professional shots, bring a few dress shirts (white, light blue, yellow etc.) and a few ties, all freshly pressed.

*Shave right before appointment, unless you are going for a scruffy look. Bring a razor and shaving cream in case you decide to go for the clean shaven look during the shoot.

in which case you should bring your own razor and shaving cream to shave part of the way through the session.

*If you color your hair, make sure roots are not visible. It is extremely difficult and cost-prohibitive to correct.

*Earrings and uni-brows are not recommended.

*Make-up artist usually not recommended. Foundation and powder supplied at studio if needed.


*For corporate/professional shots, bring solid color middle tone or dark pantsuit/skirt and a few long sleeve shirts (light color) that work under the jacket, all freshly pressed.

*If you color your hair, make sure roots are not visible. It is extremely difficult and cost-prohibitive to correct.

*Remove any unwanted facial hair.

*If you wear earrings, simple studs are recommended.

*Make-up and hair stylist recommended. Referrals available.


*Solid vibrant, middle tone/true colors recommended. No patterns or logos.

*Short or long sleeve Tee shirts, Polo shirts, Denim shirts with a Tee under.

Appleton Headshots

Oshkosh Headshots

Ocoee Headshots

Gallatin Headshots

Tampa Headshots

Kaukauna Headshots

Wisconsin Headshots

Florida Headshots

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