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Josh Russell is a true beleiver that if you want something you have to go and reach for it yourself. With that being said he has dedicated his time in helping others reach their photography goals faster than he did. As a "student of the internet" at a time when not everything was easily attainable he built a career from the ground up. Now he has developed a strategy to help young and new photographers get their first step into the photography and cinematography industry. 

If you are interested in a volunteer or intern position, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page!


Josh's Intern Program is designed to help newer photographers streamline their learning and jump right into the world of photography.  Interns are required to attend at least 2 to 3 shoots per month.  Josh usually has 8 shoots or more per month so he asks for his interns to attend at least 2 to 3 and be active in the program as well as spend some time at the studio learning the basics of running/operating a photo studio.

Interns are not allowed to shoot for the first month of the program and during this time will be dragging bags, getting food, holding lights, etc. After this month training the Intern is given more opportunities to shoot.  The Intern Program is unpaid and Interns are responsible for all of their own expenses.


Being an Assistant for Josh Russell is the entry level paid position with Josh Russell Photography.  Assistants are often chosen from previous interns that have shown their willingness to help build the company!

Assistants can and still will be asked to do everything from dragging bags to shooting alongside Josh.  It really depends on what the job calls for.  Whatever it takes to get the job done and make a client happy!

Once you become an Assistant with Josh Russell Photography you will have your travel expenses paid for and will be paid for your work.  These positions are not guaranteed and are provided to those who are the best of the Interns in our Intern Program.

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