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Four Light Portrait Photography Setup and Session

The Lights:

Main Light: Westcott FJ400 with the Manny Ortiz 36" Beauty Dish

Rim lights: 3x Westcott FJ200's with Rapidbox Switch 1'x4'

All lights with grids.

Get the BackgroundTown Boon Backdrop:

Yo, what's up, creators! It's Josh Russell, and today, I'm geeking out about portrait lighting – the kind that'll make your photos pop like crazy. We're diving into a slick four-light setup using some Westcott legends – the FJ400 and FJ200 lights – plus, we're throwing in a Manny Ortiz 36" Beauty Dish and the Westcott Rapidbox Switch 1x4. Oh, and we're doing it against the 'Boon' backdrop by BackgroundTown for that extra touch of cool. Let's get into it!

Why These Westcott Beauties?

Alright, let me break it down for you. The FJ400 and FJ200 lights from Westcott are legit superheroes in the lighting world. Portable, adjustable, and the kind of gear that makes you look like a rockstar. The Manny Ortiz Beauty Dish? It's like a cinematic kiss for your subjects, and the Rapidbox Switch 1x4 is the Swiss Army knife of lighting setups. Trust me; you're gonna love this.

Our Cinematic Lighting Adventure Starts Now!

1. Gear Talk:

We're starting off with a quick gear rundown. Think of it like checking out your arsenal before a photo battle. FJ400, FJ200, Manny Ortiz Beauty Dish, and the Rapidbox Switch 1x4 – it's like assembling the Avengers for your photo shoot.

2. Main Light Drama:

Now, watch as we drop the FJ400 into the scene as the main light. It's all about the drama, baby. And that Manny Ortiz Beauty Dish? It's not just a dish; it's your secret weapon for shaping that light like a boss.

3. Fill Lights & Backdrop Vibes:

Enter the FJ200 lights for the fill-light magic, creating depth that'll have people wondering if your photos are 3D. Oh, and the Rapidbox Switch 1x4? It's the vibe machine, making that 'Boon' backdrop go from cool to cinematic.

4. Accentuate the Wow:

Time to add that extra wow factor. We're strategically placing the FJ200 lights and throwing in some Rapidbox Switch 1x4 action to make those details pop – hair, background, you name it.

5. Fine-Tuning Like a Pro:

We're wrapping up by fine-tuning this setup. It's like the final edit in a video – gotta make it perfect. Adaptability is key, my friends!

Join the Cinematic Party!

If you're vibing with this cinematic setup, smash that subscribe button and ring that bell because there's more where this came from. Drop your jaw-dropping results in the comments; I wanna see your shots against the 'Boon' backdrop, Westcott lights, and these killer accessories!

In a Cinematic Nutshell:

As you ride this portrait lighting wave, remember – it's all about the right tools and letting your creativity go wild. The FJ400 and FJ200, Manny Ortiz Beauty Dish, Rapidbox Switch 1x4, and a splash of 'Boon' backdrop are your cinematic keys to photo greatness. Keep creating, my friends! 🚀

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