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Gear List

Welcome to my gear list!  This is an overview of the gear that Josh and his team uses when creating photography, videos, and more for their awesome clients, Youtube Channel, and just for fun!  If you are looking to purchase any of the gear listed in this page, simply click on the image and you'll be whisked away to the land of Amazon.  
Thank you for checking out this list and remember, if you have questions, please shoot us a message!  
Cameras and Lenses
Sony a7iii
By far Josh's favorite and go to camera in the gear bag. This Mirrorless full frame camera is not only small,  light and durable, but inside is one of the best sensors to be released and the low light capability is out of this world! The majority of the shoots and b-roll in Josh's youtube channel is shot with the Sony a7iii
Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8 (FE)- the go to lens when shooting portraits, lifestyle and product photos. This lens is super crisp and produces some of the sharpest images available for the Sony mirrorless cameras. It is also much lower in price than some of the other prime lenses.
Sony 70-200 f/4 telephoto lens (FE)- this is a great option for wedding and sports photographers that offers excellent auto focus and sharp results.  This is also a great lens for crunching depths when shooting landscape photography that is far away. 
Sony 18-105 f/4 crop sensor lens- although this lens is made for crop sensor cameras, it will still work on full frame Sony's and is a fantastic lens for videography! 
Sony Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 (FE)- an absolute beast when it comes to lifestyle and full body portraits. The low aperture allows a lot of light in even in the darkest of areas and also creates that butter smooth bokeh to make your subject stand out!
GoPro Hero 7 Black
This action camera has quickly become a favorite for Josh when it comes to vlogging. It's small, rather inexpensive, and extremely versatile. With the addition of the Hypersmooth feature, you do not even need a gimbal for your GoPro. They have also upgraded the audio and in Josh's opinion, "Finally usable".
Sony FDRAX53/B 4K HD Video Recording Camcorder
This is one of the newest camera in the lineup. A great 4K camera that is capable of capturing super sharp video and can zoom up to 20x optically. Josh decided this was a great way to get around the 20 minute overheat issue that many DSLR and Mirrorless cameras contain. 
Lighting and Modifiers
Flashpoint XPLOR 600 HSS Battery-Powered Monolight for Sony- this thing is POWERFUL! Josh uses it on pretty much every large photo shoot he does. From weddings, to fashion and lifestyle photos. The built in battery will last all day too even shooting a full day wedding!
Godox ad200 pocket wireless flash system for Sony - The little brother to Josh's main flash, this wireless flash is the same size as your typical speedlight, but with double the punch! With 200 full power flashes you will have enough juice to make it through a normal session and still be able to fit it in your backpack!
Godox 120cm octobox umbrella softbox - Josh has used these for years with success. Also for added direction, you can add a honeycomb grid on the front and really direct the light exactly where you want it to go.
Strobies 16x16 popup softbox - Josh uses this portable popup softbox with the ad200. It will fold down to take up a small footprint in your travel setup.
Tripods and Gimbals
Three Legged Thing Universal L Bracket - A super handy add-on to any Three Legged Thing tripod. Simple attach it to your camera and gain the ability to go from Landscape to Portrait without the hassle of switching the bracket position! 
Three Legged Thing Punks Corey- The perfect travel tripod. It folds down to almost 13 inches long and will fit in any carry on luggage, it's also LIGHT yet sturdy!
DJI Ronin S -  Quite possibly the best piece of equipment for videography. This gimbal is one of the smoothest gimbals on the market!
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