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Do you want to become a better photographer?

Over the past decade, Josh Russell has dedicated every waking minute as becoming the best photographer he can be. After years of learning, growing and successfully creating a six figure photography business, Josh has decided to help YOU become a better photographer, and more importantly, how to grow your own photography business! 

Listed below are some of the best ways to grow with Josh, whether it be a one of his workshops, a speaking/teaching conference, or joining his online course, the PhotogNation 

Josh is dedicated to helping as many people as he can! 

Proudly representing the following brands at all speaking events.
2023 Live Speaking/Conferences

Saturday July 29th - West-Of 

Chicago, IL 

More information at


Join the PhotogNation Online School!

Whether you're a beginner or have a good handle on the basics, this course takes you through every step of the way on how to create better photos. I show you everything Josh have learned over the past decade of working as a photographer. From getting started all the way through running a full time photography studio. You can learn at your own pace and watch the videos as many times as you'd like! This course will show you everything you need to know about being a professional photographer and running your own photography business! 

Join the PhotogNation today

Private mentoring lessons

1 hour Skype/Zoom session with Josh - $150+tax

We will cover whatever topic you want to know most about! I'm an open book and am happy to answer any questions. This is a time for you to set aside to invest in your knowledge, your business, and learn tips + tricks from me.  

Skype sessions may cover the following: 
+ finding your niche & style
+ portfolio building
+ client interaction
+ lighting or editing techniques
+ pricing & advertising  



2-3 hour in-person Mentorship - $500+tax

This is an opportunity to meet me at my Kaukauna, Wisconsin studio, and learn how I create award winning images. We will go over lighting and posing concepts, basic rules and ways to break them, as well as ways to build your brand and business.


Sessions include (but are not limited to):
+ finding your niche, your style + your aesthetic
+ how to attract & book your ideal client
+ shooting & posing (male or female model provided)
+ finding good light, anywhere, or creating it 
+ goal setting & constructive criticism on your work and/or website
+ pricing & marketing



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