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Josh Russell's
💥Banger Presets Volume One

The 💥BangerPresets Volume One AI Preset Pack by Josh Russell is the perfect intro to effortless editing. No more wasting your time creating masks, fine tuning, and editing each part of a photo when you can let artificial intelligence do it for you. Designed for both photography enthusiasts and professionals, Josh Russell's BangerPresets AI Portrait Presets is fully adjustable, empowering you to achieve your desired look with ease.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: Unlike any other preset packs, Josh Russell's 💥BangerPresets AI Portrait Presets is fully compatible with ALL Adobe Lightroom programs as well as Evoto AI, making it a versatile tool for all your editing needs. Plus, it integrates with AI technology, unlocking a new realm of editing possibilities.

  • Bold and Colorful: Josh Russell's 💥BangerPresets AI Portrait Presets is vibrant and consists of warm tones. These are the exact steps Josh uses to create the photos you have seen on his website and social medias! 

  • Fully Adjustable: Josh Russell's 💥BangerPresets AI Portrait Presets is more than just a collection of presets. It’s a toolkit that puts you in control. You can fully adjust all the presets, masks, and finishing touches to fine-tune your edits, ensuring that every image reflects your unique style.

  • With the One-Click editing feature in this preset pack, you get both extensive customization options and incredible simplicity. Just a single click is all it takes to apply a preset and/or an AI mask preset, instantly transforming your photo.

What’s Included:

  • 10 Color Presets: Banger01, Banger02, Banger03, Banger04, Banger05, Banger06, Banger07, Banger08, Banger09, Banger10

  • 22 AI Adjustable Mask Presets- Background Blur, Background Cool, Background Darken, Background Subtle Desaturate, Background Orange & Teal, Background Warm, Clothing Desaturate, Clothing Brighten, Clothing Pop, Clothing Smooth, Eye Brighten, Eye White, Eye Pupil, Hair Desaturate, Hair Vibrant, Skin Desaturate, Skin Pop, Skin Smooth, Sky Blue, Sky Vibrant, Sky Warm, Teeth Whiten

  • 4 Finisher Presets – Black & White, Movable Vignette, Subject Pop, Vintage

Best For: Josh Russell's 💥BangerPresets AI Portrait Presets is perfectly tailored for capturing the perfect portrait with rich, warm tones and vibrant colors. Its versatility shines on a wide range of  photography sessions, from couples’ sessions, senior pictures, weddings, maternity shoots, and more. Josh Russell's BangerPresets AI Portrait Presets streamlines your editing process, saving you time while delivering bold, vibrant colors, beautiful skin tones, and colorful skies and backgrounds.

Compatibility: Josh Russell's 💥BangerPresets AI Portrait Presets is fully compatible with Adobe Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Mobile and Evoto AI.

Notice – Duplication and distribution of Josh Russell's 💥BangerPresets AI Preset Pack is illegal and punishable by law. There are no returns or exchanges on digital products. All sales are final. By purchasing, you agree to these terms.

$99 USD

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